Monday, 8 April 2013


One morning in Cockermouth, I took off on my own.  It seemed like a good idea for several reasons:

  • Gathering a group of people and a new baby can be like herding cats.
  • I was ready for some solitude.  I enjoy gatherings a lot and I'm not aware of overload until I get this overwhelming thirst for my own company.
  • Part of that thirst is also about being able to potter around and see everything (Bill makes it sound like a crime) without anyone being impatient with me.

On this journey I found several things I later dragged Bill around to see (he enjoyed it, really). Two things were these hats, which I ended up buying, from an amazing antique warehouse.   I'd no idea Bill was going to snap my photo when I tried them on for him, hence the silly expressions, etc.

That bird is in a picture, not on the hat (see below).

These hats are vintage - even more vintage than I am!

And on the subject of hats (and vintage), did I mention we were celebrating Martin's 40th birthday as well as Bill's 65th?

Bill bought him an 'old man' cap, just like his own.  I wonder if Martin will actually wear it?

When at Jennings, waiting for the tour to proceed, we played around with Bill's hat.

I quite liked it!

[Note to self:  wear eye make-up when on these little jaunts...]

Oh!  And speaking of hats, there is this one that I bought for £3 at a charity shop.  

I spent an afternoon with a glue gun sticking on fabric flowers...but that's another post!


Beryl said...

Cute bunch of hats. You look like a detective in the second one. (Trust me, I consider that a compliment!) The "old man's hat" reminds me of my girlfriend husband who had the exact same hat (and is the same age as Bill) and insisted on wearing it backwards like teenagers were wearing their baseball caps. John and I could not stop from laughing (we honestly tried) and hurt his feelings. He actually thought it made him look younger, not sillier.

D A Wolf said...

Oh what fun! (I love hats. I used to buy them and never wear them. The only one I've bought in years is vintage, black, and I haven't worn it out either... but it only cost me $2 at an estate sale and I love it!)

These are adorable! And a very happy 65th to Bill.

Shelley said...
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Shelley said...

Beryl - Yes, the 2nd one is my favourite and it struck me as detective-like as well. I think it would be fun to figure out how to copy it, but my sewing skills aren't likely upt to that. I've never seen anyone wear a 'cloth cap' (as they are called - considered working class historically) backwards. Poor man. It's terrible to want to be young and trendy when you are not.

DA - Wearing hats is hard, especially in a culture that doesn't. The weather here enforces more hat wearing than would otherwise occur, but I still sometimes feel mine says "Look at me", not my thing at all. On the other hand, when I am wearing a hat I feel 'special' and that's a good thing. I wish hats would come back into style. Everything you read about the 'old days' is that it was an inexpensive way to freshen up an outfit. That has to be a good thing, doesn't it? (Support another industry, no bad hair days...)

vintagefrenchchic said...

My husband wears "old man" hats in winter to protect his little bald head. I have not had much success with finding hats I like...not sure if my head is too big or too much hair. But I love the look of hats and could spend hours looking through old fashion magazines or watching classic movies to see how they were worn with so much style in the past.

Shelley said...

Heather - I often get lectured on the merits of hair / the difficulties of having none. Fortunately, Bill's cap suits him well as well as keeping him warm. I won't be able to wear either of those hats until I find a hat pin - it's far too windy here to risk losing them!

Susan Partlan said...

Hats and festivities go together!

Martin has become a bit a hat addict :).

Shelley said...

Susan - There is something festive about a hat, isn't there? I can well understand anyone becoming addicted to hats. We have a friend who collects just silly old baseball hats, but at least we always know what to get him for Christmas...