Monday, 11 March 2013

Barton Arcade

One of our serendipitous finds in Manchester was Barton Arcade, built in 1871.

I associate 'arcade' with pinball or other amusements, but the term had another use before those developed.  

Instead, shopping arcades seem to have been the forerunner of the mall.  And the word 'mall' meant 'sheltered walk or promenade' before it had anything to do with retail therapy.

There is a splendid arcade in Newcastle that I've photographed but neglected to show you.  Shame on me!  But I have shared the Block Arcade in Melbourne.

Anyhow, we happened on this lovely building in the midst of a bunch of ugly and ordinary and were enchanted.

I was astonished that office space on the top floor is relatively inexpensive.  I would think I was going to heaven each day.  Then again, without insulation it might be a bit chilly even with any heat rising.

If you like jazz music, you might find this fashion video from an event at Barton Arcade amusing.


vintagefrenchchic said...

I definitely like this arcade better than any arcade or mall I have seen in the USA. Looks so lovely!

Beryl said...

I love British Arcades! What a beauty. I would be tempted to rent an inexpensive office and then try to figure out what I could do to pay for it.

Shelley said...

Heather - I haven't seen any glass buildings like these in the US; either they didn't catch on there or they've since been torn down. No idea which.

Beryl - Me, too. Much as I love retirement, I sometimes miss having an office to go to.