Monday, 10 December 2012

House at Ambleside

We seem to have had a busy social life for a bit.   A couple of days after the wedding we were planning to stay a few nights at a holiday home with friends, Vivien and Steve.  Bill knew the roads there were narrow so we chose to bring the RV home and take the car back to Ambleside.  I was tired after all the partying and running about at the wedding, but this trip turned out to be my best ever visit to the Lake District.  

There's a lake over there?  I took their word for it.

I'd been several times with the running club over the years and wasn't particularly impressed with what was supposed to be spectacular scenery.  

What a minute, what's that under the mist?

Truth be told, I had to work so hard to keep up with the others I hardly got a chance to look around much.  

Oh!  There really is a lake over there!

Also, I think autumn does a lot for the Lake District.  

The living room

The house had been rented for a gathering of Vivien's family, who had to disperse before the rental period finished.  

The dining area

For reasons I don't now recall, Bill and I were given the master suite, with amazing views 

The view from our bed.

and perhaps an even more amazing bathroom.  

The layout of the house was quite peculiar and we spent a lot of time trying to figure out why.  It never did become clear.

I've never seen a house with the front and back door on the same side.

Also, this was the first time the house had been let and Vivien, being an experienced user of such homes, provided a list of things that they might consider improving.  

View down the drive, to a lane about the same width!

On the whole, however, the kitchen was well appointed, the heating and the plumbing worked fine, the beds were very comfortable and the views were outstanding.

Can you find the (stone) fox?

We only stayed a couple of nights but we got a lot in.  We went for a wander in Ambleside when Steve went to buy his morning paper.  

Large shower and double sinks.

We walked around Tarn Hows one afternoon and explored Hawkshead.  Bill and I visited Beatrix Potter's house (V&S have been many times).   

A rather dramatic bath (I stuck with the shower).

We had a couple of lovely pub lunches and two wonderful evening meals at the house - we took turns cooking - and the company was excellent.  

I think this might have been 'his' closet.

Today, I've just shown you photos of the house and its views; but don't think you'll get away without seeing more - much, much more!

These were probably 'hers'.  The loo?  The part sticking out at the end...v. strange!


Anonymous said...

What incredible views! I love the one from the living room. Would absolutely love visiting that area of England. And to see Potter's home...sigh. A few years ago I was able to take a trip to New England and one of my must-do stops was touring Louisa May Alcott's home. It was so surreal...terrific memory.

Lacey R said...

Very nice views, I'm glad you gave it another chance to explore again!

Carolyn said...

What an absolutely beautiful location