Friday, 30 March 2012

Fit for A Monkey

I ran across a curious tea bag the other day.  Being part of British culture, individual tea bags in envelopes seem to collect in this house like those little packets of salt and sugar.  They come in goodie bags for races, samples through the post and from hotel rooms no doubt. 

I was perplexed to read the following on the bag branded PG Tips:

PG tips
3 Steps to brewing the best cup of PG tips tea. 
Brewing methods may vary but we suggest:

Use one bag per 250ml of freshly boiled water
    1.  Allow the tea to brew for 1-2 minutes or to preferred strength, then remove the tea bag.
    2.  Always use fresh milk where possible.  And there you have it, a delicious brew fit for a monkey.

What on earth did they mean by that?  Thank you, Internet, for solving yet another mystery (and are there no bounds of imagination used by advertisers?).  


Beryl said...

My husband travels a lot and brings home the most unusual tea bags. Sometimes he gets me hooked on a brand that I can't find any more of it.
My friends and I are always remarking on how difficult it was to find answers to those nagging questions before the Internet. A friend remembers spending a whole week trying to find someone who could tell her what Twiggy's real name was. I'm glad the Monkey Tea thing got answered.

Anonymous said...

Too funny! :)

The English Organizer said...

Thanks for bringing back memories of monkey ads on TV!

Shelley said...

Pauline! Long time, no read - welcome back!

Sorry everyone, I'm waaaay behind on my reading and commenting, but don't give up on me! I'll be back on the internet soon - hopefully this weekend! I'm really looking forward to catching up with everyone! XXX