Monday, 26 March 2012

Another Tiny Thing

I always find it amusing when I read how one can 'update' one's home by purchasing new throw pillows.  The articles always feature lovely, vibrant coloured modern fabrics, often shiny or with buttons.  I think they are lovely, but I love old fabric prints. 

Like this cabbage rose pillow that belonged to Bill's mom.  It's been a sad, understuffed pillow for some time, but when I re-cycled some pillow covers that came in the motorhome, I found I had some spare fillers.

I knew just where to put a couple of them.  The only hitch was that there was no zipper, but it was only a half hour's work to cut and restitch one side.

Do you prefer 'modern' or 'vintage' when it comes to your throw pillows?


Beryl said...

I love other people's throw pillows, but don't actually have any. My friends have varying tastes and their pillows are bright and brilliant, subtle stripes, paisley, vintage flower, needlepoint, and one friend even has leather ones. If I bought ones, they would probably be solid color

Anonymous said...

It's a beautiful, upcycled pillow. I generally tend to change out our accent pillows when there are huge sales on them...but I haven't even done that in recent years.

BigLittleWolf said...

These pillows are lovely, and I like to "repurpose" when I can.

I admit that my home has very "contemporary" pillows (that I've had for years - sometimes I use them; sometimes I tuck them away). But in my former home when I had a bit more space, I had a greater diversity of old and new, and enjoyed the mix of the two - vintage for its softness and comfort, and modern / contemporary for its sleekness.