Friday, 13 June 2008

Relief at Last

I have very good news:

  • My taxes are finished
  • I didn't end up owing anyone anything (I try to be grateful about this, but part of me fusses at having to spend hours on paperwork to demonstrate that I don't owe anything)
  • The guy at the 'little' job rang me yesterday and asked if I could come in and meet his boss
  • I seem to be showing a few minor signs of being more organised (we'll see how long it lasts)

I'm into another form of morning reading. For years and years it was meditation books, then for a long time it was novels. The last week or so, I've been catching up with The Simple Dollar blog on various topics, most recently reading all his posts where he reviews personal productivity/development books. I'm a real sucker for buying these things and so many aren't that useful. His reviews have narrowed my wish list considerably and I feel I've learned a ton of great stuff. There are a lot of his posts that don't apply to me, but I like his site so well, I'm working my way through the archives topic by topic. He lives in Iowa and this was how I learned that some friends were potentially getting drowned. Fortunately they seem to only be getting very wet, but life in an RV in the midst of torrential rains has to be challenging -- noisy at the very least.

Well, I'm back to reviewing my Getting Things Done list. We have company coming for dinner tomorrow and there are preparations to make.

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Rick Stone said...

We are still on high ground here in Iowa. The floods are all around us and many of the roads are closed. Looks like we can't get to Wisconsin from here, plus the areas we were to go are in the same shape as the area we are in. Looks like we'll cancel Wisconsin and head for Minnesota if the roads are open by Monday. Otherwise we will just have to sit where we are until the rivers recede.