Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Lots to Think About

We attended the funeral of a friend's wife yesterday. Though she was only in her mid-50's, I think I may be entering that stage of my life, when funerals are an increasingly common event. Made me think - again - about my own life, what I have done and am doing with it. It was a lovely service; made me wish I'd known her better.

Heard about a 'little' job I might be interested in. It meets two of my criteria: part-time and walking distance from home. I wasn't looking, but then that seems a sign to me. I am going to talk to them today to see what's what and if I am tempted to try it. It also meets another criteria: easy to walk away from if I don't like it after all.

We're going to go check out the LDS family history library this afternoon, something I've been wanting to do for ages. I hope to pick up where I left off in Salt Lake City, digging through the parish records in Weiskirchen, Saarland, Germany.

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