Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Year of Style - February

You can see a trend coming on here, can't you?  After all, it only takes two point to draw a line.

Amongst Frederic's suggestions for February, I like:
  • There is more to be gained by eliminating than by adding.
  • According to Diana Vreeland, 'Unshined shoes are the end of civilisation.'
  • Do something artistic today:  paint, sculpt, sketch, photograph, embroider (I can only manage the last two).
The theme for this month is 'Energize'.   Makes me tired to write it.  I must need a new haircut.


Jg. for FatScribe said...

Hi, Shelley -- the ole porkster has presented you with a "Blog of Substance" award over at FatScribe ... fyi.

Shelley said...

Oh gosh! If I'd have known you were bringing company over, I'd have...What the heck. This is my house, I guess one takes it as they find it... Thanks again, Jg! Hope you get loads of visits.