Thursday, 24 February 2011

Brain Food

Some time ago the blogging world directed my attention to the Royal Society for...Art (and for some other stuff) and more specifically to some of their animated lectures.  I thought I would share these with you in turn.

The graphic illustrations are fascinating to watch, though I've not decided whether they make the lectures any easier to follow; they may in fact be a slight distraction.  What I really like most about these videos is that they present ideas I've not yet met and the speakers race along, so my brain has to work to keep up with the speed of their discourse.   I really like that.  I think it means I miss being in school.

There is one about whether being Protestant or Catholic influences one's propensity towards ant vs. grasshopper habits, referring to the parable of course, except that it concludes proximity to the equator is a better predictor.  Others discuss politics, education, human behaviour.  I loved the classes in social psychology in college.   Have a look and see if any of the topics interest you, or just enjoy watching the artist sketching all those images!

Do you ever feel like your mind would benefit from a bit more rigor and discipline?

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