Sunday, 13 February 2011

Pigs Just Wallow...

If Bill blogged, he'd tell you about how much he likes this film of a "cross-country race".  I always thought that meant a point to point race across the countryside, but it really tends to be around in circles, sometimes the same circle several times.  The youngsters go first, then the senior (over 18) men, which includes veterans (over 40). 

These races take place on most weekends over the winter and you can count on rain and mud without fail.  People lose shoes in the mud and cars get stuck on the fields.  The wind has been known to make flag flying unsafe and tying down the tent critical.  After the men have churned the mud up well and truly, then the senior women have their turn (women become 'vets' at 35).

This is what Bill does for fun.  They say there is a thin line dividing those who become a crook and those who become cops; I'm convinced the same line exists for mental patients and their nurses.

Know what I mean?

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Pauline Wiles said...

Ah, no, I definitely don't do mud. I'm not even sure I do fields :)