Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Clara, the Clock and the Candles - Part III

So, what about Clara? Well, let me introduce you to her:

Her name is Clara.

She was right next to the clock that I bought and I knew it was love at first sight for Bill. I was rather taken with her myself, but I probably wouldn't have brought her home just for me. I doubted he would purchase her either, but as his 70th birthday is this March, splashing out for something special seemed a good idea.

I asked the man his best price on her before I purchased the clock. He took a bit off both and I took him up on them, feeling quite pleased with the deal. Also, his tables were in aide of a Veterans' organisation, apparently, so that was good as well.

Dancing certainly has kept her fit, hasn't it?

Last month I was darning my cashmere socks, sewing the elastic back on my underwear, we've been eating down the freezers and cupboards and I had a dry January; but I'm prepared to spend a bit on things I really like that I think will hold their value.

When we unpacked our goodies I asked Bill what was her name. He suggested Ola (my Grandmother who was very flapper-like in her attitudes when young, I'm sure) but I thought Ola sounded more turn-of-the-last-century hillbilly country. We tried Olga (Grandmother's improvement on her original name), but that didn't seem right either. My other grandmother was named Clara, and so Clara she became. Still a bit old fashioned, but it seems to have stuck. 

I tried her in several places, but Bill thought she looked happiest in the corner where Mom's chiming clock used to be. 

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