Sunday, 14 May 2017

My Colours

Going through my photos from some months past. I'm afraid this post will include yet another granny square throw. This time in the dusty colours I feel suit me best. It was hard to give this one away.

In fact, part of my affinity for the beach near my house is that the North Sea is rarely the bright turquoise of the Med. It's main colour is a dark, almost ominous grey and only sometimes is it a greyed-blue (my favourite colour of all). On a sunny day though it can be a pale silvery blue. It tends to be whatever colour the sky offers it. 

The beige sand often has flecks of black coal in it, burning it less a tan than a taupe shade, another of my favourites.  The algae that grows on the rocks can be anything from bright green to hot pink, other colours I love, though I rarely wear them. 

One day I cycled up the coast to my knitting group and luxuriated in the ease with which I could pull up and snap a photo when the scenery demanded it.

Sometime around then my craft group decided to do a project of indigo tie-dying. 

Indigo, the colour of jeans, is another of my colours, but I've been over tie-dying since the 70s so I didn't participate.

I did admire some of their results, however.

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