Thursday, 25 August 2016

Two Things I Made

I've been meaning to write about our trip to the South of England back in June. Instead I've been hating myself for the massive number of photos I took and despising Microsoft 10 for making me click three times to rotate my photos to an upright position. Does anyone know how to rotate them counter-clock-wise?

Anyhow, I finally finished some big needlework projects. One that I made for the knitting group is this blanket from Cute and Easy Crochet. It's the first project in the book which says it is beginner level. I wouldn't say it was hard but I would be very careful what yarn I used if I ever did this again.

Because you have to tie off six ends for each square you want to make sure your yarn stays tied! I spent quite a bit of time fixing squares that came apart because I used slippery scraps or something. I got to the part of making the rows and putting them together when even more squares came apart, so I had to undo a lot of work. I completely remade quite a few and spent hours pulling longer ends through endless times to make sure it never got a chance to slip back through the knot. What a nightmare.

Still, it was something I could do in front of the telly and it did turn out quite pretty. I tested all the squares pretty vigorously before handing it over. I just hope it stays put together for whatever child ends up with it. [I made half the recommended number of squares and ended up with a child-sized throw.]

The other project was not one I could do in front of the telly. This took me about the same six months that the blanket did, only with Tunisian crochet I have to watch what I'm doing with the hook and thread. I'm sure there are some mistakes in this, but on the whole I like the heavy texture and the colours. I made it to go with the big couch but Bill has no use for a cushion. It seems that guys are allergic to them or something, have you noticed? So I use it for my back on my love seat and it's very comfortable.

In addition to the stripes being made with scraps of grey, blue, green and pink yarn, I made the inner cushion from an old bed pillow. The cheap ones go all trapezoidal when laundered so I dry them and then tear them apart. I just layer the pieces in the size rectangle I want and stitch them together with giant stitches. Occasionally I wrap the whole thing in left over pieces of wadding that people give me. I know some folks practically smirk when they hand me what they regard as trash, but I couldn't care less. Making 'something from nothing' gives me great pleasure.

Anyhow, I used part of the old pillow casing to make a new cover for my filler and then used regular crochet stitches to close the Tunisian crochet rectangle around it. I made it a long rectangle so that when folded in half it would be a 17" square pillow.

I'm very happy with the outcome but if I did it again I wouldn't worry about getting the outside around the inner cushion so much. Even though it was a tight fit, I think the corners would be less 'droopy-earred' if it was an even tighter fit. I'm advised that making the inner cushion a couple inches bigger than the cover makes the best fit, so I'll try to remember this if I ever work up the enthusiasm for another six-month project.

So, back to rotating digital photos...


Indigo Dragonfly said...

Oh I love both of these projects! It's be eons since I picked up hook & yarn. I'm not sure I'd actually remember the stitches. I've never done a pillow before, but have made plenty of granny-square throws. I never considered the type of yarn (slippery vs non). I'm considering trying my hand at a cap/toboggan/head covering, but am not sure I have the focus for it right now.

Shelley said...

A cap sounds like an interesting project. I've never tried one, only fairly simple child-sized sweaters and various rectangles. Finding the right project for the level of focus is probably a key to success.

tess said...

What a labor of patience and love!
I have a granny square throw with a black field on our sofa, another smaller one with a cornflower blue field. I like the zestiness of each tiny bit, like flowers that make up a bouquet. The first came from generous freecycler, the second from a thrift store. My fingers don't have the intelligence for creating with needles. Art appreciation here.