Saturday, 15 August 2015

Mom's Birthday

Today is Mom's birthday and I thought I might regret not having written about her; silly of me, I know. 

I found her 1935 senior high school school photograph on Ancestry a few years back and I see I've never posted it. She'd probably kill me for sharing it - no one ever seems to like their yearbook picture - but I think she was really cute.

Gone for 25 years now, but still cherished by her loved ones.


Revanche said...

I agree, that picture is lovely! I join you in missing our respective mothers. I'd love to hear more about her if you were ever up for writing it.

Shelley said...

Revanche - I've written about Mom every year here on her birthday. There is a listing 'Mom' on the right. The post with most information about her is at

Thanks for asking! I remember reading about your mother's passing. For me it's a pain that gets easier with each year, but never goes away - nor would I wish it to.