Thursday, 14 May 2015

Tea at the Grand

Vivien - as usual - won the raffle prize at some WI function or other last year. This time it was a £15 voucher for tea at the Grand Hotel. I've mentioned this place a few times here. Since being disappointed with their service at a Christmas luncheon it's not been high on my list of places to visit. However it is a popular local venue and I find myself there occasionally more than I realised! I must admit it has met every expectation bar that one visit; perhaps I should let them off the hook?

Vivien had graciously invited me to share in her good fortune and we initially talked about going during the winter and hoping to sit in front of a roaring fire. Somehow that never happened - we're both a bit busier than we'd expected and as the expiration date was approaching we set a date.

Pamela is another member of the WI and of our craft group and not only is she about our age, she is very good company. We both wanted to know her better so Vivien invited her as well. 

It was a brilliant afternoon. Vivien and I met up early and had a wander around the Green Ginger Arcade, where the shop turnover is fairly high. That is good - always interesting new things - but also bad, as you do want to see people do well. We made some brilliant discoveries and spent so long on the ground floor we never even made it upstairs.

We met Pamela at 3.30, for our table reservation. She ran into people she knew. Turns out there is a bridge club in the area; I had no idea.

We ordered our food: a choice of four 'sandwiches' (actually crust-less slices of sandwiches), a choice of fruit or cheese scone, a choice of tea - breakfast, Earl Grey, several fruit teas. Too much choice! The cakes just came as they were, little delicacies you would find in a pastry shop. Four per person!

Beef, salmon, chicken, ham sandwiches; fruit scone with creamy butter and strawberry jam! I took my cakes home to Bill - far too much sugar for me.

We chatted for over two hours and hardly noticed the time, but for the staff cleaning up and us being the only ones left in the room. Pamela had loads of news to share with us and I'm looking forward to seeing her - and Vivien - at the next WI meeting tomorrow! (A couple of weeks ago...)

There is nothing quite as satisfying as a good visit with friends, is there?


D A Wolf said...

What a lovely place! This reminds me a bit of the Ritz, where I remember having tea occasionally (in another part of the country... Long long ago).

And the sandwiches are making me hungry!

Carolyn said...

What a gorgeous high tea! It sounds like a perfectly divine way to spend the afternoon :)