Friday, 13 June 2014

An Almost Forgotten Birthday!

Silly that the date should slip my mind, after all I had just checked with her a couple of weeks ago to make sure I had it right.  But I sat there yesterday and realised I would likely see her that evening at the craft group and I didn't want to go empty handed. However, she's missed my birthday a couple of weeks ago and perhaps she would be embarrassed if I did too much; or maybe she didn't really want to be bothered with exchanging gifts.  What to do?

Bill thought I would launch myself out into the world and go shopping, but that's not how I roll as a rule and not what I thought would suit for this occasion. Better something low key just to recognise the occasion.

I remembered that she'd been quite excited about a particular fabric I'd put in a tote bag I made for Vivien.  I had made a mental note at the time to give her some of of it. Of course I didn't think until it was wrapped to photograph it, but it is a sort of 60s pop art pattern in mostly greens with a bit of orange and purple added.  I don't know why I picked it up at the shop in Colchester a few years (6!) years ago, but I did. I'm not sure the shop is still there, sadly.

I love this vintage, girly paper!

I had the wrapping paper from Vivien's gifts (a great book about Liberty fabrics and a bunch of lavender scented tea lights!) and I loved it so much I thought I'd re-use it for Lucy. I wanted to add a bow and all my ready made ones are pretty tired by now, so I made one from scratch, from some ribbon from my Aunt Rita's stash.

I was really pleased with the outcome. I hope she likes her gift.


sanda said...

I should think she'd be delighted with the gift, since she previously admired the fabric. Your wrapping is beautiful, too. I much prefer gifts such as these rather than something bought just for the sake of it. Happy weekend to you!

Gam Kau said...

You're so thoughtful and the gift looks so lovely!