Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Wallington Hall

Since Bill bought us National Trust membership when we visited Seaton Delaval Hall last month, Vivien (a long time member) and I have a whole other set of places to visit. Granted, there aren't many National Trust properties up here in our area, a reason Bill has previously resisted joining. However, Vivien pointed out that one can return again and again, useful since there is so much to see it's always a good day out. She is very fond of Wallington Hall and now I can see why.

We stuck to the gardens on this trip - and didn't even manage all of those; we still have loads to explore! Vivien was patient enough to let me take over 200 photographs. I shall resist showing them all to you and try to get better at the art of a short post (don't hold your breath). This isn't likely to be one.  

There are two local families associated with this estate, the Blackett's and the Trevelyan's.  I've not encountered the Blackett's much as yet, except that their name creeps up on road signs and the like.  I've a real fondness for one particular Trevelyan, as he is the author of my favourite social history book, about which I've written on several occasions. George Macaulay Trevelyan's name is also found in hallowed places like the Lit Phil Library.

The National Trust leaflet says this:
Gifted to you by Sir Charles Philips Trevelyan, socialist MP and ‘illogical Englishman’, our 13,000 acre estate has something for everyone.

Naturally I had to read about Sir Charles Philips Trevelyan and find out how he was related to G. M. Trevelyan.  (Sir Charles was G.M.'s older brother).  I found interesting snippets to share, but I'm going to put those in drafts to accompany other photos. 

Another ha-ha!

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Gam Kau said...

Looks like a lovely day out! It''s really nice to be able to go back and visit again and again - and during different times of the year too. I find these kinds of places impossible to absorb in one visit, but, of course, that is what we always attempt. :)