Thursday, 17 April 2014

Daddy's Birthday

Today is my Dad's birthday, he would have been 96. I've been very busy this week with my genealogy, having discovered a new cousin, on my Mom's side, in Australia. She has given us a photo of my Great-great-grandfather and we're all very excited about this.

In doing more research on some of that branch I discovered that Google can be quite useful with the more recent events, like discovering a whole group of grave sites (Find a with dates of birth and death on the tombstones. 

On a whim I entered my Dad's name into Google. It came up with mostly stuff from my Ancestry family tree, but the last entry was on Ancestry in Italian. I pulled it up and found this photograph attached to a family tree. I've no idea why it should be there, but given that he served in WWII in Italy in 1944 and given that I only discovered a few years ago that my Dad was adopted, I'm wondering what other surprises might pop up. I like being an only child and I think would prefer to stay that way, but we don't have control over these things and so we shall see how things unfold. Given that the family tree is full of English names, not Italian, I'm thinking that Ancestry must just provide all sorts of information in different languages. I hope.


sanda said...

How very interesting. You may discover, as I did, a "Lost Family." Your daddy was a handsome man.

Shelley said...

Hi Sanda - Yes, I always thought of him a good-looking; in a Clark-Gable sort of way when older and in a Paul McCartney sort of way when younger. The ladies always liked him I think largely because of his nice manners.