Thursday, 30 January 2014

My Latest Weird Thing

When I bought my house back in 1996, only one of the bedrooms had a closet. I initially used that room (we call it the 'East Wing') but eventually switched over to the West Wing to avoid the morning sun. That room had no closets. Over time we acquired a couple of old wardrobes. My Victorian wardrobe I bought at an antique shop; Bill's was given to us when he helped a friend move and the friend didn't want it anymore. 

I love that my wardrobe has labels for 'gloves', 'hats' and 'underlinens', not that I necessarily use the shelves as labelled. The left side for hanging clothes has a rail that comes out if needed, but I tend to wear what is in the front and then put it at the back if it can be worn again.  I've been aware for a while that I never remember to wear pullover sweaters that are folded on a shelf, but hanger space was getting tight and it didn't seem feasible to add them.  Then I had an idea.

Some skirt hangers have little hooks that allow hanging another hanger or something off the rail. Most my hangers don't have this, but I thought that if I put my outfits together and suspended them off one hanger I could use more of the middle and lower space between garments and shoes. I suppose I could have gone out and bought something to address this but that goes against my nature. I think it's way more fun to figure out a free solution.

So instead I went into the sewing room and found some scraps of fabric, in this case t-shirt fabric, and tied them into small rings. Those served the purpose of a 'hook'. Then I put together six or seven outfits (top, bottom and a cover - a sweater or jacket). Now when I want to get dressed, I just pull out what is in front and it has all the pieces together ready to go.

And hanging those sweaters?  They go on over the 'shoulders' of a 'secondary' hanger like shown here. (Not like in my photo where the sweater is on the hanger and not even straight at that...what can I say? I don't do perfect.)

I have been 'scare crowing' of late; that is, wearing old clothes around the house rather than 'going out' clothes. Rhonda at Down to Earth called it this and I liked the term. I'm happy wearing the same thing most days until they are ready for the laundry. My main aim is to be warm and comfortable. So that, along with the fact that I don't go anywhere several days of the week, means that those have dozen outfits last me at least a couple of weeks. 

How is it that I can love clothes, but not want to be fussed about what to wear?


LR @ Magnificent or Egregious said...

I like the idea with the hooks! We have renamed our areas of the house too (although ours is named "north wing" and "south wing"). I love clothes too but I need to have my kind of a uniform every day! Just makes life easier.

Shelley said...

LR - I envy you your South Wing - South facing windows are rare in this house. Yes, uniforms are brilliant.

Beryl said...

Such a clever idea. I have special hangars that work for sweaters. They have a velvety coating an the sweaters don't stretch out on them. That's the only way I remember I have most of my sweaters - folded in a drawer, I just forgot about them.

YONKS said...

That's a great idea. I tend to hang mine in a pile on the floor. Note to self "get organised"!

sanda said...

It appears you have solved a problem. I keep folded sweaters and tees on a shelf in the closet but I like hanging them so they don't get wrinkled. I tend to sort my outfits into two groups: staying in and going out of the house. I have way too much in my closet. L