Monday, 5 August 2013

Charlotte's Christening

If baby pictures, vintage tea cups and chocolate dipped strawberries turn your stomach, look away now.  Yesterday, Bill's granddaughter, Charlotte (aged 11 months) was christened at St. Michael's and All Angels Anglican church, in Atherton, a suburb of Manchester.  I'd never attended a christening before, so it was quite interesting.

Charlotte and Helen

Martin (holding Charlotte) and Helen with Charlotte's godparents

A proud (previously very camera-shy) father.

Afterwards, we gathered at Atherton Cricket Club for a vintage tea, catered by The Vintage Tea Trolley.  (Click on this link for even more photos, including one of me stuffing my face).  

The menu included several small sandwiches, several cakes, scones and chocolate-dipped strawberries.  There was some horse-trading conducted so that everyone could get more of their favourites.

Martin's mother, Grandma Ann, made this beautiful cake.

Bill took most of these photos - he loved the beehive cake cover.

That's not icing on the cupcakes, it is clotted cream.  
All the same, I gave them a miss.

The guest of honour arrives...

Uncle Simon, Grandma Katie, me (in blue - I'm blonde now), Aunt Sarah and Simon's girlfriend, Simone.

I wore my wedding dress (its third use) but with a different jacket and shoes, both of which were much more comfortable. On the other hand, I'd rather attend a christening than get married any day; it's far easier on the nerves.  I made a navy blue clutch purse from some brocade scraps and a cardboard mailer envelope.  It worked perfectly.  Yes, my wrist is covered with bruises.  My old-lady skin doesn't like wearing watches any more apparently.

Charlotte in the play 'pool' and my feet in new shoes.

Wrapped in Grandma Ann's purple shawl.  

Two in front unknown; Grandma Katie, Uncle Simon and 
Aunt Sarah with white hair.

Me in pearls (I'm thinking I resemble Camilla...); Simone, Sarah and Simon.

Charlotte, Grandma Katie and Aunt Sarah

Aunt Sarah (Martin in background)

Charlotte had a cold and wasn't feeling brilliant on the day of her christening.  Helen didn't feel the photos of her dress would do her justice, so she got dressed up again and seemed to feel a bit better.

Aren't little satin baby shoes just the most fun!?


sanda said...

What a delightful party that looks to be on the baby's Christening Day. She is a real doll. All those tea treats look so delicious. A fun day all around, I'm sure.

ilegirl said...

Sweet looking baby!

The cake was very pretty.

Christenings are interesting. I am not particularly religious myself, so I find ceremonies like this rather novel and often quite moving.

Sandra said...

I absolutely love baby pictures, teas, and chocolate dipped strawberries and I loved THESE pictures. It looked like a lovely christening and very special celebration. Charlotte is a doll!