Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Rita's Birthday


Today is my Aunt Rita's birthday; she would have been 68.  I did a lot of hand sewing when we were in France this summer.  Since then I've been doing more, finishing projects, here at home on my machine.  The sound of my sewing machine is one I associate strongly with both Rita and my Mom.  I use Rita's good scissors only for cutting fabric and of all the pin cushions I have, my favourite is one she made, trimmed with a beaded fringe. 

It's been five years since she died and I still miss her a lot.  I guess I always will.


Carolyn said...

It is so special to own and use "things" imbued with the spirit of their maker, especially one so meaningful to you. She had a beautiful smile :)

Rick Stone said...

Keep the memories alive, that is about all we can do. She would have been 68? That is what Joanne would have been this past June 30. For some reason I thought Rita was older. Doubt either of us will get past the "missing her" stage. Again, about all we can do is keep the memories alive.

Barb said...

Oh! I have an Aunt Rita who is my favorite - and we just celebrated her 60th birthday a few years ago.

How nice that you have a little memento to use and feel her presence and recall creative times together.

I'm stopping in for the first time; saw your comment at Daily Plate of Crazy.

Shelley said...

Carolyn - You're right, she did have a gorgeous smile.

Rick - Actually, Joanne and Rita were both older than I am, but about the same age to each other. Rita was 12 when I was born.

Barb - Hi. Thanks for stopping by. What I would say is enjoy the time you have with your loved ones. Hope you drop by again, sometime.