Friday, 6 July 2012

More Gosforth

So, what else can I show and tell you (that's what blogging is, right?) about Gosforth?  We found the Gosforth Assembly Rooms, now a Magistrate's Court.  

The leaflet says

Dances there were seen as occasions to meet future partners.

You'll probably have seen the Bath Assembly Rooms in a film at some point.  I can show you the interior of the Newcastle Assembly Rooms, too.  Somehow the former Gosforth Assembly Rooms don't look quite as impressive.  Oh well.

It was still an absolutely glorious day - the whole day, not just the usual apportioned half day of sun. 

They're big on rhododendrons around here.

We followed the map to this real estate agent's office where we were shown the elephants on the corners of the doorway.   Vivien's sister-in-law in Sydney (another thing she and I have in common!) collects elephants so she seems to pay attention to these things. 

Wonder if they specialise in white elephants?

What I find interesting is that these elephants are thought to have come from the Pybus family crest, as that name appears on the original plans for the building (ugly as it is).  This Pybus family history indicates that in 1601 Henry Pybus was a 'Merchant Adventurer' in Newcastle upon Tyne.  We wondered if the family found its fortune in India. 

I do so love tulips!

We wandered along Graham Park Road, called Millionaire's Row of the North. 

Vivien taught me the term 'double dormer'.

Although these were quite nice houses, some with interesting architectural features, on the whole we didn't feel they were that completely wonderful. 

Love, love, love this stained glass.
The really large houses seemed inappropriate for what we could see of the lot sizes.   

And now we come to the final bit of history for today.  Ladies and gentlemen, this semi-circle of grass, past which I've run more times that I can count, has a name - two in fact.

Unbeknownst to me, I have run past Titty-bottle Corner, also known as Nanny's corner.  Laid out in the 1920s, when large houses were being built in the area, it became the location favoured by nannies to sit and feed their infant charges.

So, from there we walked towards Jesmond becaus it was towards a Metro and Vivien had something to show me.

Grand houses at any time but, oh, south facing windows when the sun shines! 


Beryl said...

Nice walk. I thought you were going to tell me that Nanny's Corner was named for its shape.

Anonymous said...

Excellent urban planning to have a designated spot for nannies!

Anonymous said...

I love that second shot...those homes are gorgeous.

BigLittleWolf said...

I love the row houses. I've always loved row houses, townhouses... something about their neatness as well as the varying architectural styles that are nonetheless cohesive. And I want to run my hand along the textured surfaces - the stone, the brick.


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

What a beautiful day you had!! Such a lovely blue sky. You make me want to return to Britain as soon as possible!!