Wednesday, 18 January 2012

My Deluminator

My Christmas was mostly about books, which is only right and proper.  One other fun thing I got from Bill was a candle put-outer.  I've yet to use it  I just went and gave it a trial run and a neater solution you'll never find.  We haven't used candles much in the past in large part because of the mess they made on table cloths and place mats when blown out.  That's going to change now!

Did you get anything unusual for Christmas?


Rick Stone said...

Nope, Nada. I had told the kids, all three of them, that I was not doing Christmas this year. They all believed me and acted accordingly. ;-> Of course, what I gave them was all the same. It was green and one size fits all. Makes life easier that way.

Shelley said...

Rick - I'm not the least surprised by either of those statements. At this point you probably have too much stuff already. What you needed most was their time and attention and it sounded as though you got that. I'm sure they appreciated the green stuff! Bill has 'views' about giving cash, so I don't really have the option of that much simplicity. And I do like making stuff, even if it's just for a joke. Enjoying your tour of Florida...

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Shelley:
We love your candle snuffer. It is an extremely elegant one and, a you say, they are remarkable effective at putting out candles without hot wax being sprayed in every direction.

Thank you so much for visiting our blog and for leaving so many comments. We have replied to them all individually.

We are delighted that we have now found you and have signed ourselves as Followers immediately.

Suburban Princess said...

I have a few of them but I've never made a mess with wax when blowing out candles. How hard do you normally blow?????

Perhaps the oddest thing I got for Christmas is lash growing serum, but I did pick it out, buy it, collect the store's loyalty points and brought it home. I handed it to husband and told him to give it to me for Christmas :O) And everyone was happy!

Beryl said...

Hi Shelley! I love the candle put-outer. When I can't find mine, I use the old trick of holding an upright finger in front of the flame and blowing straight at the finger. This keeps the wax from spraying around.
I got bowling shoes for Christmas. Since moving to Tulsa, I have started bowling on Friday afternoons and mentioned how tired I was of paying to wear old shoes. Turns out that finding bowling shoes is not that easy.

Expat mum said...

I have a candle "snuffer" which I love. Don't forget that you can buy "bobeches" that are glass disks and they go around the bottom of the candle, catching all the drips.

Anonymous said...

The candle gizmo seems such an elegant thing to me.

We treated each other to a brief vacation for Christmas. I'll blog about it in a few days.

Shelley said...

@Dear Jane & Lance - I've been back to the blog to look at your replies to my comments, but only found one. No idea where they all went. Fortunately, nothing important will have been lost.

@Dear SP - I guess we're just sloppy candle blowers? Or we have very stubborn candles? Lash growing serum indeed! I dare you to try in only on one eye to make a camparison...!

@Beryl - It sounds very brave putting your finger behind a flame. I might get Bill to try it sometime...I'm too chicken! (Besides, he doesn't wear nail polish). Bowling shoes sound wonderful!! I used to love bowling. I even took a class at college...when I had to do PE and hated it. Who knew I'd end up running marathons in my middle age??

@Expat Mom - 'Bobeches' - a new word I've never heard! Our candles don't seem to drip much, but I shall look out for bobeches just for the fun.

@Terri - I read a blog called Pleasant View Schoolhouse where they give each of the children the gift of a trip to the place of their choice (I'm sure there are boundaries). Then during the year one parent flies off to that place - like Chicago or New York - alone with the child. It seems a great idea (they obviously have more money that we did when I was a kid). Look forward to hearing about your vacation!