Wednesday, 8 December 2010

90 is the New 40!?

If I'm going to be 90, this is how I'd love to do it.  I mean, she's the absolute essence of Jenny Joseph's poem.  Except, of course, that instead of purple and red, Ilona's chosen orange, chartreuse and turquoise.  Bill even agreed that 'eyelash cabaret' should become part of my lifestyle (how about we start out with 'skill set') between now and then.

I pointed out the bottom picture to him and he said, "Yes, that's you!"  I can just see me downsizing one day, piling all my possessions into one room.

Doesn't she look fabulous!?


Boywilli said...

what do you mean downsizing? our whole house looks like that now

Jo said...

Mother was 90 this year. She can't do the make-up as her hands shake too bad. But she does dress well and is ready to go anytime we call.

The English Organizer said...

I would love to live to 90, with attitude like that!