Saturday, 26 June 2010

Evening in Venice

We fell into the habit of going walkabout after our evening meal.  

This was for several reasons.  

One was that the warm evenings were too delicious to miss.

Another was to walk off some of the huge amounts of food we consumed.  

Finally, places change into somewhere else after sunset.  


There are fewer people about. 


It seemed to me that more of the locals were out and about. 

The quality of the light makes everything seem a bit surreal, or more cozy or sometimes eerie.  

Bill likes to explore the funny little alleys and closes.  

I thought they had amazing names:  

Corte Bragadin, Campielo dei Fiori, Sotoportego Zulian.  Who thinks up such words?

Sometimes we could get just a glimpse of how Venetians lived, the light shining out of windows and doorways showing just a bit of decor inside. 

I do this at home as well.  As the nights draw in I'm often running in the posher streets, hoping the residents will have forgotten to close the curtains just yet, gawping at the grand interiors on display.  

I've tripped up more than once not watching where I'm going.

I did think watching one's step was a good idea, mind, having found this amazing little street that just ends in...canal. 
I wonder how many people have taken just that one step too far!

 Do the locals laugh when they hear a splash?

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Boywilli said...

I would just like to put on record that the first picture is not of Shelley and I on our evening walk, but that is the Versuvio Pizza place as seen on my Facebook