Thursday, 4 February 2010


One of my daily visit blogs is RealDelia. I like her blog because she is a 'real' writer (ie she makes a living from it), because she is an American living in England (Though in London where most people seem to go, not to the 'real' England like me (ha!). You know fine well, the tourist spots are not real America, either.) and because from her blog I find many other things on the internet that educate and amuse me.

In her post today she lists all the reasons she loves blogging and I have to nod my head to each and every one of them: finding a voice, getting more discipline, discovering new friends, learning loads and, best of all, I think, becoming more mindful.

It was also from this post that I found the Neverbloomer quiz and my test result was totally spot on, well, in a metaphorical way and except for the bit about General Hospital, I don't do soaps.

You are a Grownup-in-Training.
You may not yet be a full-fledged grownup, but you sure know how to find one when you need one. Your Yellow Pages are well dog-eared, as you are constantly adding the phone numbers of competent GrownUp professionals to your personal directory.

You are very aware of your inner-child, but aspire to at least become her responsible adult guardian sometime soon. People lean on you for advice, but you're still looking to others to teach you how to bloom.

You watch General Hospital for clues, and have concluded that while Laura may play the part, Luke is the grownup you most want to be like.
So, do you feel like a grown-up or, like me, are you still trying to raise yourself?


Struggler said...

I just stopped by to say, don't worry, you DO have an RSS feed option on your blog. Scroll all the way down your main page and it's there: Subscribe to Posts (Atom).
That's all us RSS junkies need!
It may be you're having trouble installing the thingummy to tell you how many folk are signed up that way, but the important thing is, you're feeding us!
The Never Bloomer quiz sounds intriguing!

Joanne said...

I think we are always growing up until we become our parent's parent. Then we grow-up much faster. But there is always that child in us that has to come out to keep us going.

Anonymous said...

Glad you liked the quiz! I think you will find the film very comforting, I know I did while making it!If you are on Facebook, please join the Neverbloomer page
all the best,