Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Olivia Ruth has Arrived!!

Just had a quick chat with Steve to get the news!! Vickie had an emergency C-section at the RVI on Sunday afternoon, the 22nd of June. Steve said he was sure it was going to be a boy and so was astounded when he got a baby girl. Fortunately he's discovered he really wanted a daughter. She weighed around 7 lbs at birth, a good weight if I remember rightly. At 3 weeks she's doing fine. They've had lots of company - grandmother and great-grandmother - and things haven't settled down yet. The dogs (2 Rottweilers) haven't proved to be too much of a problem; Buster -- the biggest baby -- is unsettled when Olivia cries but Harley, the relative newcomer, seems to be taking it more or less in stride.

I kept looking at baby clothes in the US, but didn't buy any as I wanted to indulge myself in getting to buy
pink or blue clothes and they chose to keep it a surprise for everyone, themselves included. We had a brief discussion about disposables and cloth, flat or fitted, but I'm out of my league already. I had no idea they made fitted cloth diapers now. A marketing ploy if I ever heard one. I recommended they find some flat sheets and practice the old-fashioned origami-style folding... but that's easy for me to say, right?

wait to see the little tyke. The way I'm dribbling on, you'd think I just loved babies which isn't particularly true. However I do like Vickie and Steve, so I'm prepared to be enthusiastic about their new lifestyle / project / acquisition. I'm sure they have no idea quite what they've got themselves into, but maybe it's just as well.

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