Monday, 3 September 2012

Another Wander Round Whitley Bay

I had hardly seen Vivien in months; she was on a cruise in the weeks before we left for France, so I was looking forward to catching up.  There were several places I wanted to check out in Whitley Bay, so that's where we headed.

Our friend Lucy has found a job and so sadly she wasn't able to join us.  Her family have finally found a four bedroomed house that suits them - well, it's currently being re-wired, re-modelled and re-painted with a second bathroom being added - or will soon suit them.  They have to be in by September when their rental lease runs out.  Vivien and I had a vague impression of what street the new house was on, so we added this venture to our route. 

First of all I wanted to visit Milk It.  I'm not sure about that name, but basically it is sort of an Etsy shop, only you rent a 'shelf worth' of space for £10 a month, after an annual £50 'admin fee'.  I wanted to see what sort of things one might find there.  I didn't take photos, assuming they wouldn't be appreciated.  I shall go back sometime and ask - it is foolish to assume.   (There are loads of lovely photos on their website, though).  

Vivien and I were wondering if it would be fun for the three of us (with Lucy) to rent a 'shelf' (they disperse items where ever they can best be displayed).  I don't think it would be feasible to make any real money, but we might try this out sometime.  I'll certainly let you know if we do.    There were loads of really cute and clever items in the shop, but none like the items we three like to make! 

Another place I had read about ages ago was a 'vintage coffee shop' called Anywhen's.  I absolutely loved the place.  We sat and chattered over lunch and then took loads of photos (all those on this post).

Another place we discovered in Whitley Bay was Rosewill Cottage, where they sell beads and bits for making jewellery.  Now, since I have all of my Aunt Rita's jewellery, anytime I'm the least tempted to buy anything I remember that Bill would have me sectioned if I did.  I would like to re-make some of her necklaces and bracelets, however, as I think I would wear them more often.  I've been looking for classes for some time and now I know just where to find them!

And, finally, we couldn't resist a vintage shop called Dregs of Society.  The crockery displays outside were delicious and the clothing and furniture inside were like a time machine back to the 60s and 70s.  I don't want to re-live those years, but it is eerie finding things you grew up with in a 'vintage' shop...or worse, a museum.  Just you wait, one day...  Actually, remembering a cream brocade cape I saw in the attic, from the 40s or 50s (my first mother-in-law), I should take it to her to sell on consignment.

With all this shopping, you might think I spent a small fortune, but that's not the case.  I paid about £3 for my Metro ticket, about the same for my lunch and a couple of quid for tea and half a toasted tea cake.   For the uninitiated, a British tea cake is just like an American hamburger bun only with raisins in it instead of caraway seeds on top.  I think Vivien bought a get well card at Milk It.  In all I had a great day our for less than a tenner!

Not having a more definite plan, we wandered through Monkseaton (past the bowling green) looking in vain for a coffee shop.  We ended up going around in a great circle back to Whitley Bay, where we did find a place for a tea break. 

I'm afraid we walked much further than we'd intended.  By the time she walked home from her metro, Vivien had chalked up 8 1/2 miles... it's a miracle that she's still speaking to me!


Beryl said...

It looks like you had a great day. But 8 miles? That's a lot of walking. I have a friend in Oklahoma who collects Paddington Bears who would love those pictures.

BigLittleWolf said...

Renting a shelf sounds like a lot of fun actually, whether you make any money or not. (I have friends who have done this from time to time and enjoyed it so much.)

Anonymous said...

I wish there were so many interesting places to walk to in my little corner of the world. I think the three of you should definitely rent a shelf--what have you got to lose and you would likely come up with loads of new ideas.

Shelley said...

Beryl - Eight miles was a lot - for me maybe even more than Vivien (or I just complain more, I'm not sure).

LBW - We're working on Lucy about this...

Terri - As above; I don't get to see Lucy very often these days. I have the impression that 'interesting places' sometimes requires population density that you don't often see in your part of the world. On the other hand, you have fabulous thrift stores! You may just have to drive some place interesting to walk around...