Monday, 17 September 2012

A "Join In" Day

When we got back from France and got caught up with emails, I learned that one of our running club committee members had gone all enthusiastic about putting on an event as suggested by the national sports people.  I'll spare you the rant about how I feel our club is being taken over and skip to the part where I felt compelled to help organise this day (at least make sure he'd thought some things through) and to ensure we had first aide cover to keep the insurance people happy. 

Bill and I ended up taking our tent and I worked the registration desk.  It was hard to remain cynical when people started actually showing up and having a pretty darned good time.  The 'events' included a mile race, a team effort at 800 metres, a back-and-forth shuttle race and a throwing event:  something called howlers.  Kids were invited to particpate if they had adults with them. 

The guy that made this happen said he was aiming for 'organised chaos'.  There was plenty of the latter, but it all seemed to turn out OK.  I don't think we drafted anyone new into the fitness world, but our running club may gain a couple of members, [whispering: so it was probably worth it].  

One lady was very excited to find a club to join.  Look at this woman and tell me you believe she's 62 years old. 

She started running something like 18 months ago and is all set to do the Great North Run.  Worse, she can do 5k in 24 minutes.  That's not just respectable, it's disgusting.  I look forward to her coming along.  I'll enjoy watching her put some noses out of joint!  I'm definitely getting meaner in my old age.


Beryl said...

What a fun sounding day. And a 5k in 24 minutes? Amazing! I wasn't that fast when I was half her age.

BigLittleWolf said...


I feel good about myself when I manage a 25 minute walk! Impressive!

Carolyn said...

What a fun day! No doubt about it, a fitness schedule keeps a person healthier and younger looking :)

Shelley said...

Beryl - I've never been that quick and never will be...

BLW - Me, too, these days.

Carolyn - I'm sure you are absolutely right!