Friday, 9 September 2011

What I was Sewing

So, now all that's over, I've a few details to fill in.  One thing I promised to show you was the result of my sewing project.

Ages ago I bought a book about sewing all sorts of tote bags and as I've found backpacks so convenient I wanted to make one.  I also wanted to do something patchwork to use up some of the vast supply of bits I've acquired the last few years. 

I took bits of blue cloth, mainly one of Bill's old shirts and donations from the sewing ladies, and by pulling at the corners, determined either the grainline or cross-grain (not the bias, which is the stretchiest angle).  I sewed the pieces together aligning the grain, then reinforced the seam with backstitching on top.  When the pieces reached the required length I cut the width using the book itself and started the next strip, doing the same.  Then the two strips were sewed side by side. 

I used cream and white pieces, mainly from Jane, and sewed them to the back of the patchwork for added strength. 

The straps were made from lengths of cream and white and covered with bits of blue.  If I did this again I would make the inside of the straps neater, not that they show when wearing it.

My sewing kit was in a small box with a rubber band around.  Inside were a pair of manicure scissors, a dozen straight pins, a couple of needles and a tape measure. 

I like the result well enough:  it fits perfectly and is very comfortable to wear.  I may add a button closure, however.  My only complaint is that it is small and doesn't hold much.  Also, either because it is small or due to the lack of padding, any awkward shaped items (like my camera) poke me in the shoulders.  So I may try making a larger one.

The main thing is that I thoroughly enjoyed the adventure of trying something new.  Sewing is better than reading for allowing a passenger to look around or help navigate.  If I'm not driving I hate the tedium of a long drives, so something to do is absolutely necessary, even if it serves no other purpose than to pass the time

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should keep tinkering with the design. I know one of my favorite purses is actually a backpack.