Wednesday, 21 September 2011

A Wet Walk

Bill and I are still walking quite a bit and we decided to go down to the beach one day when it was especially nice.

There were several groups of school children doing various activities, each delineated by t-shirts of a different colour.

Bill and I took off our shoes to walk in the sand.  I was pleased not to have stepped on this fish, about the size of a minnow, thinking that would have been unpleasant. 

I've no idea what kind it was, but given that later on the local paper warned about weever fish I was even gladder not to have stepped on it and I've been very careful ever since.

The only trouble with the walk was that I turned around and noticed this approaching.

We chose our shelter and made a run for the bus stop up on the roadside.

I was fascinated to see this poor ship leaving the Tyne and launching out into that storm. 

There is a ghost of a ship there just to left of the
street light, above the railing.

It completely disappeared into the rain and cloud, as did the horizon itself. 

I guess they knew what they were doing as I didn't hear about any ship wreck / rescue later on.

I rather enjoyed standing there in the middle of it all, sheltered as we were.  As usual, the storm passed as quickly as it came and we made our way back home, relatively dry after all.  I always thought the saying 'Don't like the weather?  Just wait a minute' was peculiar to Oklahoma; turns out people say that pretty much everywhere.


Rick Stone said...

With weather changes like that you should feel right at home. Was a beautiful morning so I went "grave hunting" at Chapel Hill (NW Hiway and County Line Road). After about an hour and a half I felt rain drops. Yep, while I was concentration on working my list the clouds moved in. Nothing like the weather in Oklahoma, and apparently Northern England.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Hi Shelley - what gorgeous photos. Nothing can be more fun than a good storm if it's not too scary. After experiencing hurricane Ike, I must say I have much more respect for the weather. I hope all is very well. I have not written a post for what seems like an eternity. We land in Aberdeen on Sept. 30th, and the next phase begins. We're so excited! Take much care and have a great rest of the week.
Cheers ~ Deb