Thursday, 29 April 2010

Hard Work Rewarded

We did a tough 10k race the other day (aren't they all?). For information, 10K is 6.1 miles. It's one we'd not done before and I mainly entered to encourage Raquel to get some racing experience. I was near the end of the field, as usual. Several of the runners I'd worked hard to pass all passed me just in the last 1/10 of a mile, Raquel being one (good for her!).

We got cleaned up and went to the pub to have a traditional Sunday lunch, probably a reason I'm slower these days. I had just finished eating when a friend from our club, Mandy, brought me an envelope. The pub was very crowded and noisy and she said she couldn't get to me when they announced my name - I certainly never heard it - but she later managed to fetch it to bring to me, knowing I was still around. Bless her, she was really excited for me!

I was fairly excited, too, though I suspected it was because I was the only female in this age group, which turned out to be right. However, £10 is £10.


Jo said...

Congradulations. Take it however you get it. Last weekend was the Memorial Marathon here. It is an annual run in memory of the bombing. Last year my neice came from MN to do it. It was so cold that year that they gave every one blankets as they crossed the finish line. This year a number were taken to the hospital for heat exhaustion. We supported the Baker to Vegas run again this year. All law enforcement related teams eligible. Teams from Germany, Canada, and US.

Anonymous said...

That's wonderful!! Running 10k is no small feat. =) I would like to get back into running. My plan is to start with the 5k run in the fall (when both kids are in school full time).

Struggler said...

Congrats, I'd be thrilled to ever get an envelope like this. And I'm quite certain you were not the only female in that age group!

Shelley said...

Joanne - Yep, I agree, I'll take it however I can! Bill and I did the OKC memorial marathon one year; it's the last marathon we did! I should write about that experience sometime. It will be title 'How Not To...'

Jersey Mom - I see lots of runners around here with kids on bikes as running buddies. Is that an option for you?

Struggler - Sad to say, it is true, but first place is first place, as Bill says.