Friday, 15 January 2010

Evil Boxes

We don't have a TV in the bedroom or the living room or the kitchen. In all of those places I would prefer that the attention be elsewhere than staring at a box. The other reason the TV isn't in any of the other rooms is that it is ugly and takes up a lot of space. The telly is relegated to the upstairs landing and my Grandmothers chaise lounge is parked in front of it, so it looks like I have my own movie viewing area, which is true. If Bill wants to watch something with me -- an even rarer occasion than my viewing -- he pulls an office chair out of the East wing.

This all by way of preface to saying that I miss a lot of the world's news. I know about the earthquake in Haiti, but probably not much about what Obama is doing. So, some time back when I stumbled on this article, I was surprised. We do, indeed, live in interesting times.

I wonder if there's money to be made, exporting MaxFactor cosmetics from Britain to the US? What do you think?


Rick Stone said...

Only one TV in the house? We have that beat just a bit. Counting the motorhome we have eight. In the motorhome there is one each in living area and bedroom. At home there is one in living room, kitchen, and all three bedrooms. Plus the back bedroom has a second one sitting on the floor. This the one we took out of the motorhome bedroom when we replaced it with a new digital, flat screen. We're with TV's like telephones, need one just about everywhere we would sit down.

Toad said...

It would make for an interesting ETSY store wouldn't it.

Shelley said...

Rick -- I think it's brilliant that you and Joanne have so many TVs in your life. That way you don't actually have to speak to each other, no doubt something else that accounts for the impressive length of your marriage (says she who is twice divorced).

Toad -- Hadn't thought about an Etsy shop...even though I have one. How daft is that? Thanks for the great idea!

Rick Stone said...

Actually, we speak about as much or more than most married couples. Remember, we do spend several months of the year in a 36 foot motorhome. Kind of hard to get very far apart that way. ;->