Thursday, 28 January 2010

Grandpa Bob

(He's gonna love that title). For those of you who know Bob, I have been remiss not to have told you about the arrival of his first grandchild, but then I only learned about the event myself on Monday. They had a boy, named Hayden, who arrived on Saturday (23 Jan) weighing 8lb 11oz. Youngest daughter, Julie, is fine and proud papa, Jonathon was at the running club as usual on Monday.

I asked Bob if he felt any different, now he's a Grandpa. He said no, but -- with one of those really satisfied grins -- he said he hadn't expected to be as chuffed as he is. [That's a Geordie word, BTW].


James said...

Congratulations to all!

Joanne said...

Congratulations Grandpa. Grandkids are great, you get to send them home when they get fussy!