Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Time Travel

Bill just put this on my Facebook timeline. Poor guy, I've been completely immersed in genealogy research since discovering 'new' cousins in Brisbane AU and New York, US. I emerge briefly for meals (kindly cooked by him) and witter on about names and dates that make little sense to anyone but me. Family history is like that for some of us.


Not that my reading of books has stopped, only limited to bedtime just now. Few novels grip nearly as hard as the real life stories that can be read in the historical records.  I will share some of the more dramatic 'skeletons' that have come to light in a future post or two. If I only had the novelists talent, I would have dozens of plots sketched and ready to be filled in.  


Gam Kau said...

Shelley, a friend of mine has fallen into the Ancestry.com portal as well! She uncovers amazing family stories and spends much of her free time digger ever deeper. I can see how fascinating and addictive it could be. It's a fun hobby. :)

D A Wolf said...

Sounds intriguing. Maybe you should sketch out the plots anyway... and see what you can make of them!

I've never spent any time on any of the genealogy sites. I can only imagine they become addictive. *Sigh* Maybe some day I'll have a little time...

Shelley said...

Gam Kau - I was sneaky when I discovered Ancestry.com. I got Bill to tell me what he knew about his family and wrote it on family record sheets, then handed them to him to do more research and fill in the blanks. He started with the little suitcase of photos and documents his mother kept, but I knew eventually he'd pull out his credit card and go on Ancestry! Now I've discovered Scotland's People - but Bill is English, not Scottish, so it's my pocketbook that is being hit! Justice, I suppose.

D.A. - This is one of the luxuries of retirement. I never had much time for it when I was working, which is a shame since I lived in Salt Lake City - with the world's premier genealogy library - for four years. I did manage a few Saturdays there, but nowhere as much time as I'd have liked.