Thursday, 25 July 2013

Bernard's Birthday

Funny how writing my 'remembering' posts pushes me to think about how well I knew some people in my family.  There was much about my Uncle Bernard I never knew, after all he was nearly 40 years older than I (and he would have corrected me had I said 'me').  What I remember about Bernard was how he treated me; that was generally pretty nicely.  

In some of the family things that I seem to have kept were several pages of sheet music.  I'm still looking for how Rudy Vallee and Janet Gaynor are connected (something he wrote on an envelope from a place that sold dance costumes).  I can't find YouTube videos for all of his sheet music, but I did find this one.

This isn't his usual tap dance music (he was a choreographer and a dance teacher for a while) but perhaps it was for a ballroom style dance.  He and mom did exhibition ballroom dance when they were very young.  Or maybe he just liked the music.  This is from a 1929 film.

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Wow this is adorable.

Yes, we're all dreamers.