Monday, 3 June 2013


Sometimes it is the clicking together of two ideas that takes me down a new path.  Like having a curiosity about something together with meeting someone with a passion for it; a divorce coming about the same time as a job offer in another country; 

recognising the vast number of hours I spend writing each post and stumbling across this post

Today I have errands to run to do with a crafting project, obligations to the running club's race sub-committee, a WI meeting to attend and we're launching a craft group.

Bill and I have been away from home for weeks at a time since his birthday trip to Cockermouth: to France; to the Making of Harry Potter museum near London; to Devon and Cornwall to support a 100-mile walk and to find the homes of his ancestors; to Manchester to visit granddaughter Charlotte, to Allendale fair with the running club.  I'd love to tell you all about all that.  However, the house and gardens are desperate for some TLC.  I need to remember how to exercise.  There are craft and sewing projects no longer willing to be put off.

Initially I blogged five days a week, then three.  I've blogged ahead for the weeks we would be away in order to keep that commitment.  Last Friday's absence was accidental.  I had written Veblen posts ahead but left that Friday open as it was my birthday.  I thought I might post something about that, but then forgot all about it in the mad rush of just returning home and having other places to go.  I hope to finish the last chapters of Veblen, just to have the satisfaction of completing something I started.  However, I am now releasing myself from regular posting.

I'm not planning to quit altogether, just to make it a less onerous job.  I've really loved 'meeting' the people who have commented here and whose blogs I have visited over the years.  I notice that most folks seem to run out eventually.  I don't think we run out of ideas (and I certainly haven't run out of photos) but for many of us real life has a way of taking over, of reminding us of our actual priorities.  I'm fortunate in that it's not any difficult circumstance that has forced me to change.  It's not turning 57 that has suddenly altered my outlook.  I've known for some time that I was going to have to make some choices, to act on the knowledge that I can do just about anything I want, but not everything I want.

So, you'll be figuring out what you want to do with that time you normally spent here, eh?  


D A Wolf said...

This I understand quite well... Enjoy a little breather. I can only imagine it will help!

Anonymous said...

Belated happy birthday! You have my hearty approval of blogging when the spirit moves you. Happy gardening.