Monday, 7 January 2013

Eight Christmas Parties...{sigh}

I can remember back when I had only had Christmas at home (or with Mom) and a party at work.  

Britain's most elegant WI committee.

Just those two events.  No wonder I was skinnier in my youth!

Yes, I'm nearly blonde again (that's me in black & purple).

Turns out that any work or social group of people here in Britain will have their own Christmas do.  

Charlotte is teething and not v. happy about it.

I'm surprised I didn't end up having a party with the people gathered at the pedestrian crossing, waiting for the light to change.  

Uncle Simon is good with babies!

I had (1) Christmas-y snacks with the ladies in the craft group.  (2) A three course pub lunch with the sewing ladies (parsnip soup, roast beef and gravy with mixed vegetables, chocolate cake with white chocolate icing - which I couldn't finish.  (3) A champagne pot luck with the WI.


Vivien won the big prize again this year, a bottle of champers.  I've no idea who she pays or how much, but with her luck she really ought to buy a lottery ticket.  

We had a quiz where, as usual, I didn't even understand the question never mind know the answer. 

Good job she couldn't see his slippers.

I did have enough Latin to know that the city with the name that means 3 cities was Tripoli, and I did know that Ringo was the oldest Beatle, so I had a good night after all.

Then Grandpa took over.

Bill had a walking club gathering / party at a pub somewhere in there, but of course I wasn't involved in that one.

Auntie Sarah's not very maternal (yet).

Bill and I both attended (4) the running club Christmas party.  

She seemed to want to chew on my fingers...(I'd just washed them).

As out-going chairman, it was my job to MC the traditional festivities, including various awards / trophies.  Bill ran the raffle.

We also (5) met up with Vivien and Steve for a Christmas meal at a local pub.  It was excellent food and great company.  This is one tradition I'd like to keep!

Chris always goes all out. That's a ham & turkey pie.
We started with smoked salmon.
Bill and I opened our presents to one another on Christmas Day and had a (6) very special steak dinner that night, with all the trimmings.  

The dining room mirror.

Bill's children and Princess Charlotte (the first grandbaby) joined us on Boxing Day for the (7) traditional British Christmas luncheon, only with ham instead of turkey.   I remarked that I wondered what we had talked about B.C. (Before Charlotte).

I never met Trifle til' coming to Britain....heaven.

The day-after-Boxing-Day we went to the newlyweds (Bill's cousin Mike and wife Chris) for (8) yet another sumptuous meal.

The conservatory

I was less than excited about this, I must admit.  

Some of the tree ornaments.

Already tired and bloated, I dreaded it, but as usual I enjoyed myself once we were there.  

The  !second! tree.

Mike & Chris were still getting over dreadful colds / flu.  

Christmas cake... I just couldn't...  We finished with
a cheese board.

I was surprised they carried on with the entertaining, but Chris had obviously put in a lot of effort.  

The back garden even.

Mike showed us his new toy, a 3D TV.

The Queen in 3D ... a little startling.

I joined a gym the next day.


Suburban Princess said...

Looks like fun! I wish I had too many parties to attend.

Sandra said...

Well It sounds like you did "holidays" first class. That is one pretty little Princess, we have one too but only see her via FB. Your pictures of delightful and inviting...but, like you, I am "done with the eating and feasting"...back to the gym.

Carolyn said...

Haha, I just had to laugh at your punchline!!
It's nice to have too many parties to attend, isn't it? A busy, but a lovely time of the year :)

D A Wolf said...


Eight? Eight???

I'm exhausted just thinking about it. I don't know how you managed it. I will say I love seeing the pictures (and the conservatory makes me want to pop over and sit and enjoy that light and those windows and have a cup of tea; perhaps it reminds me of my in-laws' veranda in Europe, and happy memories).

I am astonished that anyone can "fete" quite that much. It was all I could do to barely make the house presentable before my boys came home, one tree, one santa on a shelf, two poinsettias... That was it!

Um, and a great deal of cooking... one BIG Christmas Eve fest that we attended (marvelous), followed by Christmas Day at our place (I was so tired, I was cranky all day)...

I say again - EIGHT?

My hat is off to you. I'd be hauled off to a sanitarium, not looking to join the gym!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like good fun but perhaps a tad too decadent, what with the gym membership following.

Like you I frequently find myself skeptical about an event, grudgingly attend, and end up having a marvelous time.

Love the little comments under the photos - very funny!

Unknown said...

You look lovely as a blonde, and your granddaughter is a cutie pie.