Friday, 20 July 2012

A Little More Morpeth

After Carlisle Park we found ourselves at Old Gate Bridge.  This one was only built in 1970, but there have been bridges at this location since 1826.  Previous versions have obviously not been very sturdy as on two occasions it has fallen and dropped people into the river. 

On the first occasion in 1870 over 100 people were plunged and only a year later some 'idle fellows' were dancing on the bridge (seemingly with the intent of breaking it) and over 200 people fell into the river.  Fortunately no one died on either occasion.  I can't see the current bridge having either so much use or somehow breaking.

Beyond the Old Gate Bridge, we found these stepping stones which were impossible to resist.

There must be loads of herons on this river; I always seem to find one.

We all traipsed carefully across the river on these things to find a nice little housing estate on the other side. 

I loved this very tall, skinny tree and the black lace it made against the sky.

This being thirsty work we stopped for lunch at a small cafe and then browsed in Appleby's Bookshop.  It was a great place, one I'd never heard about before.  It reminded me of Barter Books, only without the fireplace. 

After lunch we browsed a shopping arcade where we found this amazing chocolatier called Curiously Wicked

A smart person here has combined two major passions:  chocolate and shoes. 

On the other hand, can you imagine (a) eating a shoe or (b) eating something this beautiful?

  I was thinking I would rather wear these than eat them!

Still, there were loads of other luscious treats that I'm sure would make excellent presents!


BigLittleWolf said...

You are increasingly whetting my appetite for visiting the UK. (It's been more than 20 years, and that trip was business.)

Speaking of appetite, those shoes are unbelievable!

Anonymous said...

What cool shoes! How fun...

Anonymous said...

Shoes made of chocolate? We need to rewrite Cinderella!

Carolyn said...

Chocolate shoes; definitely, a gap in the market has been filled!
The photo of the tree against the sky is breath-taking.

Shelley said...

BLW - Sometimes going back is great fun, and sometimes a disappointment. Where in Britain would you visit?

Bliss - I thought they were a real hoot!

Terri - Great idea; maybe she doesn't need a prince after all?

Carolyn - So pleased you like the tree. I love trees against the sky.