Sunday, 18 December 2011

And One More Party...

The sewing ladies are real party animals, let me tell you.  They aren't content with going out to lunch at a nice restaurant.  No, they have to follow it the next week with a home made lunch at our regular meeting room.  I'd call it a 'pot luck' but there isn't such a thing here in Britain; you have to tell what you are bringing and put it on the list.  Margaret saw me dithering and suggested I bring drinks, which I duly did.

I thought they looked nice in the sunlight,
but the stripes are a bit weird, I know.

Since most of these ladies drive to the gathering and I've no idea what medications they are on, I knew I was bringing non-alcoholic stuff like fruit juices and lemonade.  Still, no reason why it shouldn't be festive.  I loaded up the car with apple, orange, cranberry and grape juices, tonic and lemonade (which I would call generic 7-UP, but this is what Brits call lemonade).  I pulled together the four decanters and a dozen wine glasses (all from Tynemouth fleamarket) and set up the 'bar'.   It went over well.

We always give Nora flowers, to thank her for 'taking
our money and yelling at us'.

Unlike at the pub, the food was plentiful:  homemade corned beef pie, little chocolate and mincemeat cakes, pork pies, mini-pizzas, egg and cheese sandwiches, ham and sweet corn tarts, potato crisps (as in potato chips), macaroons, chocolate tarts, and more I can't remember.  I think I had three plates full and groaned all afternoon.  It was all delicious, but my very favourite was the potato crisps/chips.  I so rarely eat them that when I do it is just heaven.   I managed to bring a large piece of the corned beef pie home for Bill.

We skipped dinner that night.


Suburban Princess said...

I feel the same way about crisps...roast chicken flavour yum! I only ever eat them at this time of year when I stop at the Brit shop for some haggis and choccies. I get myself a packet for the drive home :O)

Carolyn said...

What a yummy spread, and we are skipping dinner a lot lately too! I smiled at the "thank you for taking your money and yelling at you"... You must be all very good sports!