Saturday, 5 March 2011

Just Taupes

Taupe is my chosen colour for March, largely because I was running out of neutrals and I wanted to try for 12 different ones.  It is a weird colour, being half way between brown and grey.  Seems a suitable choice for a month that is neither winter nor quite spring, at least not here in Northern England.  March is always a bit iffy.

Taupe is also a wonderful colour if you happen to have cool colouring, which I do, or at least I do when I'm blond.  Auburn hair complicates it all but never mind.  Taupe still works.

But what works with taupe?  I was lucky enough to find this advice, meant for interior decorating, which I think is quite sound as clothing choices go:

Taupe Loves
- Pure white paint
- Dark stained wood
- Purple under toned natural linens
- Stones that contain grey or blue
- Metals such as silver, chrome and stainless steel
- The companionship of grey or brown
- Dramatic accents of green, purple or red
- Clear glass 

Taupe Hates
- Anything that contains yellow, such as buttery paint
- Golden woods, such as oak
- Yellow-hued linens
- Tan leathers
- Stones that contain beige
- Accessories that hint at yellow, such as dark cream porcelain

I've looked everywhere for similar advice for other colours, but haven't cracked that yet.  Do you know where this information might be found?

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Jo said...

Taupe is an easy color to work with as so many colors go with it. You want to brighten it up with what ever you put with it.