Thursday, 13 May 2010

Fabric Cards

I made the last of the sewing ladies' birthday cards last month. They were for two Joan's, both with birthdays on 30 April, both who worked at the sewing factory, but different as chalk and cheese (as they say over here). I made the 2nd Joan-card in a non-stop rush, all in one day, so I know how long a card like this takes me, all going smoothly: 6 hours.

Not long before that was a card for Hazel, who is so naive that I wonder how she survives in the world but who also manages to have a wicked sense of humour.

I like making these cards, but I'm tired of doing more or less the same thing repeatedly. I mainly started them because I wanted to use the lovely scraps of fabric they gave me; the more cards I made, the more fabric I got! I used the same rule I use for most of my crafts: I can use only what I already have, I cannot go out about buy a bunch of stuff. I cycled through the whole list of ladies and was faced with starting again before I had any new ideas, so I caved and bought paper cards. I found a booth at the fleamarket that sold handmade cards for 60 pence each, including the envelopes. I bought a year's worth and plan to go back for more!

Dorothy asked me if I'd made Margaret's card and I said not. Paper simply doesn't inspire me and though I really admire people who can make cards well, it's not a skill I wish to develop. It's lovely to be able to say 'No' to something for once! I'm also saying 'No' to making fabric cards, at least until I come up with another idea that I like...

Have you seen any designs for greeting cards made from fabric that you can link me to?

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