Friday, 10 April 2009

Front Street

These are more pictures from my visit to Tynemouth village a couple of weeks ago.

Manor Road which leads on to Front Street (the main road in the village) hosts some very grand houses that I always enjoy admiring.

Many of them are now broken up into flats, but they still look great outside.

This is one of Bill's favourites because each of the windows is different.

This pink house was supposedly bought for £1 million to transform into a B&B, but there is no sign of any renovation.

At the bottom end of Front Street is the Village Green,

hosting a large statue of Queen Victoria.

The steeple in the background is The Land of Green Ginger, a collection of fun little shops, formerly a Congregational church.

At the other end is the clock tower and the entrance to the ruins of Tynemouth Castle and Abbey.

To the North are these relatively new flats

overlooking King Edward Bay.

To the south, across the road from the castle, is my favourite house in Tynemouth village.

In part because of all the higgledy-piggledy windows in the back. Also because of the

views from them,

which I couldn't even begin to capture from the ground level.

At this point I gave up and came back home. You can't tell from looking at the photos but the wind was absolutely wild that day, practically lifting me off my feet. And there was this idiot, breaking every Health and Safety rule ever written.


Anonymous said...

I don't know it it is just the way you take pictures or if everything there is so clean and well kept. It makes one want to do much more traveling than I will ever get to do. Must see more of the USA first.

Shelley said...

Funny, that. I often think the UK is much more prone to graffiti and litter than in the parts of the US where I lived. Looking at these pictures, though, I'm thinking the street cleaners had been through recently. Either that or the wind swept all the litter out to sea! Sometimes a fierce wind makes the place more messy though. I think Tynemouth is just a good area and people take a bit more pride in keeping it nice. S